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With this utility, you can take pictures from the screen in both full-screen and fragmented views, by hovering the cursor over the desired area of the screen (screen element) and clicking on the hotkey.The program allows you to select the desired fragment with a frame-rectangle in the process of “photographing”. The graphics fragments are saved in the clipboard. The process of “photographing” is accompanied

by a sound effect.

This program is free, without limitation of copying rights, but it is forbidden to make changes, any data or sale of software.

Snap Clipboard is a very functional screensaver that is easy to use thanks to its keyboard combinations.

In your preference panel, you can set which key will be used to capture the entire screen, active window or part of the screen.

To ensure that the capture has been done correctly we can associate one sound for each of the capture types.Our upcoming product will be nox app player, it will help you to run any android file on your desktop, mac as an android emulator.

In the configuration interface, you have contemplated some interesting options like capturing also the mouse pointer and the shadows. It is also possible to establish a delay for catches.

Version – 1.2.1